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E-Cigarettes are quickly becoming the safest way of quitting smoking. Despite the rising medical debates regarding the effectiveness and safety, the public seems to be making their decisions. Over the past two years, the use of e-cigs has doubled. It is agreed by the medical world that the side-effects are much safer than that of tobacco, and they are just as safe as nicotine replacement products.

There are a few reasons for this rapid increase:

The cost is cheaper than cigarettes and most other smoking cessation products available.

With all the bans on smoking in public places as well as bans being incorporated in leases, e-cigs makes it easy to quench your nicotine fix otherwise known as vape.

Best of all they are smokeless, odorless and no ash.

You are not inhaling carcinogens; your lungs stay clean.

E-cigarettes work by simulation of tobacco smoking. In some cases, it is infused with tobacco which is how it can quell the nicotine compulsion. They are not to be confused with the smokeless cigarettes.

They are comprised of components besides the battery. They are equipped with an atomizer or another type of liquid delivery system. You will discover there are different shapes from pipes to your traditional cigarette.

E-cigs are also called Vapors, so don’t get confused by the terminology used. If you’re looking for a smoking alternative e-cigs are one of the top alternatives. Quitting smoking without the expense. The input of medications, as safe as other cessation products that use nicotine. Sit where you are and enjoy that morning cup of coffee, or that after-dinner cigarette, without adding second-hand smoke into the environment, or into another’s lungs.

Coupon codes are easy to use. Simply go online and head over to the side of the page and select your brand. You will be given discount information as well as information on the brand its battery life and accessories available. Once you have selected your brand. Click reveal your code copy and paste your code in your shopping cart and your discount will be reflected in your total.

Like tobacco, this product also comes in different flavors and in some cases it is designed to taste like an actual cigarette. Approximately 250 puffs are contained per cartridge. The starter kits allow you options in charging and flavors as well as being able to purchase different strengths to meet your tobacco use level.

The availability of coupons will provide you discounts on all of these products. You will be able to choose from a large array of brands and accessories including a green brand, and our favorite which is Vaporfi; checkout the Vaporfi coupon code if you would like to save money with them.

There are nearly 1000 brands of e-cigs in the US alone. The named top 3 by our reviewers are:



Bull Smoke

Element Vape

The V2 brand tested by a panel of smokers took the rank of number 1 out of approximately 500 brands. It was first in:

  • Durability
    Vapor production

Batteries are an important part of the e-cigarette. Being sure you have the right battery for you, peruse through the battery reviews offered online.

Shopping for e-cigarettes, may require a lot of shopping around. Follow our list of online sellers and save on the gas.

To find out what the basis are for these assessments visit our review page. This page will help if you are new to the e-cigs, these reviews are can be extremely helpful in choosing what brand would be your choice.  As we stated we like Vaporfi, but Element Vape is another option you may choose; they have the Element Vape coupon available.

E-cigs are also called Vapors, so don’t get confused by the terminology used. If you’re looking for a smoking alternative e-cigs are one of the top options.

It is possible to get more information by following suppliers online through the social media. Share this with your friends. It is the best information that you can get on e-cigarettes and the coupons for your discounts.

Remember that e cigarette answers are your best source on product and discounts for all the information on electronic cigarettes.

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