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A Review Of Magic Of Making Up

Magic Of Making Up

Being in a relationship is an amazing thing that can do a lot of good for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it can also bring out the worst in people as well. People get to a point where they get comfortable with having someone around and don’t realize how they may be taking advantage of their beloved partner. Alternatively, they don’t realize how they may be getting taken advantage of.
Either way, it often leads to the same thing. A massive explosion of emotion that results in nobody being happy. If you’re very lucky, it’s a situation that’s quiet and done in private. Just as often, unfortunately, it’s the kind of communication explosion that drags people into its spinning vortex of awfulness.
You still love the person. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been in a relationship with them in the first place. Is there a way to get your relationship back? According to the The Magic of Making Up, written by T.W. Jackson, the answer could very well be yes!
What is the Magic of Making Up? It’s a book that walks you through the steps of repairing a lost or broken relationship. It takes you, chapter by chapter, through the information you need to know to repair your current, or recently ended, relationship, or ensure that the same problems won’t crop up in the future. It starts with explaining the common ways relationships go wrong and helping you spot the warning signs that something is horribly wrong. It then moves on to explain how you can gauge yourself and see what problems your personality traits and actions may have caused, and only then does it start telling you how to see if your ex still has feelings for you.
There are some downsides to the book. Some of the chapters, such as the one that details how to act if your ex is with someone else, give a somewhat unpleasant feel. Not only that, it’s a bit too positive. It will always try to encourage you to think that you might still be able to salvage the relationship. The simple truth is that sometimes, the relationship can’t be salvaged. No book, no trick, no self-help will change that. You just have to be an adult and accept that reality is the way it is, and move on and hopefully find someone else with whom you can have a better relationship.
That said, Magic of Making Up gives you a great deal of insight into how relationships work. You don’t have to use every part of the information it gives, after all, and the information it gives on learning how to make yourself a suitable partner and how to maintain a happy, healthy relationship are fantastic. They’re well worth the price of admission. So if you’ve been having relationship problems, and you don’t know what to do about it, you might want to look into buying Magic of Making Up. It could help you where nothing else has.